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Bronco Weekly #13

Bronco Weekly #13

Bronco At SEMA

The time of traditional motor shows may be temporarily behind us as, during the pandemic, all significant events have been canceled. However, the annual SEMA show is the world’s top event for aftermarket and turner vehicles, so it's more than likely to weather the storm and remain relevant in the automotive community for generations to come.

With the release of the Bronco and Bronco Sport, the upcoming SEMA will be very interesting, for sure.

We're still a full six months away from 2021 SEMA, but here's a glimpse of the first Bronco that Ford’s special design team will feature. We don’t know much about the specifications, but we do notice some unique design details -- the raised suspension, elevated ride height, and massive 40-inch tires, as well as other dedicated off-road components, being among them.

In the next few months, Ford will be releasing pictures of its other SEMA builds, and we'll cover them all.

Full-Scale Production To Start in August

We covered all the problems Ford had with its production of the 2021 Bronco. From hard-top manufacturing delays to a chip shortage, assembly line fires, and so on. Nonetheless, May 3rd is still the official Job 1 date, and after that, regular production will gradually ramp up. A Ford insider has released job schedules which show that the plan is to produce about 350 Broncos and Rangers per shift when full-scale production starts. Ultimately, it's expected that the Wayne Assembly Plant will be able to reach its maximum capacity of 600 vehicles per shift in August/September.

Sweet Brothers Bronco

One bit of proof that the Bronco restomod community is at the top of its collective game is represented by the newest custom Bronco from a little-known company called Sweet Brothers.

This Wyoming-based crew took a 2011 Raptor and used it as a foundation on which to mount a stretched 1979 Bronco body with an extra pair of doors. Adding a Stage II kit to the already potent 6.2-liter V8 resulted in 590 hp and insane on and off-road performance. Such a fantastic vehicle brings with it an eye-watering price, so be ready to shell out $200,000 for this Raptor Bronco.


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