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Bronco Weekly

2021 Ford Bronco Spied with the Fastback-style Roof?

We all love the Bronco's square, boxy, and retro-inspired design. Ford's design team really outdid themselves, giving the 2021 Bronco recognizable looks, unique appearance, and aggressive stance. Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you can see that this SUV is designed to go where other cars wouldn't dare to.

Ford followed the design cues from the classic, first-generation model, perfectly with flat sides, shapes, and boxy roofline. But, recently, several car paparazzi photographers caught pre-production models during testing with significantly different roof designs. Those cars have a "Fastback" roof feature with rear glass at an angle, giving the 2021 Bronco a more sporty and dynamic appeal.

Although there isn't any official confirmation or release date or even the name of the "Fastback" option for future Bronco models, we can safely say that the new Bronco will be getting this feature. At the moment, the 2021 Bronco is delayed over problems with the manufacturer of plastic roofs so when this option will be available is anybody's guess, probably for the 2022 model year. Another giveaway was Ford's official photos, which show Broncos with roll-bars at the same angle as the future Fastback roof. Interestingly, slightly slopped rear glass is historically correct and a design feature on the second and subsequent Bronco generations.


2021 Ford Bronco Will Be Produced Using Special Gen 3 Steel

We all remember the controversy behind Ford's decision to introduce an all-aluminum F-150 truck. More than five years later, we can say that this was a smart move since it revolutionized the technology in the segment and provided the best-selling pickup in the world with better driving dynamics and better fuel economy. However, the 2021 Bronco will be almost as revolutionary as the 2015 F-150 since it will feature special Gen 3 steel.

Called Fortiform 980 GI and produced by a company called ArcelorMittal, this innovative material is known for being much more robust than regular steel and capable of being stretched into 35% thinner panels, which retains the same structural rigidity and strength. This material is used for creating chassis, floor panels, and other structural parts of the 2021 Bronco. The result is weight savings of 150 pounds, which is respectable.

However, this promising material has one downside – a delicate production process. Not only it requires heat treatment, but it also requires special chemicals and pressing tools. Obviously, Ford has mastered the production process, and the 2021 Bronco is revolutionary not just by its looks and idea but also by its technology and construction.


Ford Bronco Pickup?

As soon as Ford released the official photos of the 2021 Bronco, several news outlets toyed with the idea of Bronco Pickup. Back when the original Bronco was released, one of the versions offered was the Bronco Half Cab, Bronco with two seats and a truck bed. This version was discontinued in the early '70s, and Bronco was never again offered as a pickup, although later generations had a removable plastic roof.

We found computer renderings of how the possible Bronco truck might look like, and we have to say, it is looking good. So far, Ford officials didn't even hint that something like this could be coming to Bronco and Bronco Sport lineup. However, if market research shows that there is sales potential for such a model, Ford could easily make it happen. All ingredients are there, and the Bronco truck could be a competitor to Jeep Gladiator.


Ford Recreates History with Santa Claus Photoshoot

We spent a lot of time searching the Ford Media site looking at various cool historical photos and artwork. Ford did a great job allowing the public to peek in its archives and put so many amazing historical Bronco photos online. One of the most memorable is this one – 1968 Bronco during extreme weather testing accompanied with none other than Santa Claus.

Over six decades later, Ford decided to recreate history with the 2021 Bronco pre-production model and Santa, just this time in color. We believe that Santa is pleased with the latest Bronco as he was with the old one. Who knows, he might be placing an order for a 2021 Bronco soon. Of course, in bright red.

Ford Will Not Release Any Super Bowl Commercials, But…

This year's big game will not feature any commercials by Ford, but the company's marketing department will be releasing several commercials at the same time. All of them are action-packed, 35-seconds long ads featuring Bronco Sport on various terrains, doing what Broncos do best – driving off-road.

Our favorite is "Raised by the Goats," which lasts almost a minute and tells the colt raised by the goats on the mountain. Of course, the goat is a deliberate pun directed at "G.O.A.T." driving models on new Bronco Sport as well as "Goes on Any Terrain," which was the code name for the original Bronco project in the '60s.


If You Don't Want to Wait Until Summer For 2021 Bronco, Here Is How You Can Get It

We are well aware that people who ordered the 2021 Bronco cannot wait for the summer to get their hands on one of the hottest S.U.V.s ever. We are all fully aware of the reasons for the delay, but if you really cannot wait that long, here is the solution.

Mattel's Hot Wheels will be releasing the 2021 Bronco as a toy car in 1:64 scale in February, and Maisto will do the same but in, bigger, 1:24 scale with significantly more details. Both models will be available before the real car, so if you cannot drive your 2021 Bronco, you can at least roll it across the desk or carpet. To be perfectly honest, this is the cheapest way to enjoy the new Bronco since the Hot Wheels version will be less than $1, and Maisto's will be around $25 when it goes on sale.

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