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Bronco Weekly #11

Bronco Weekly #11

 Ford Is Cleared of Jeep's Allegations

Even though it may often seem otherwise, there are some strict rules when it comes to advertising. Several government agencies at the national level do their best to make sure that advertising is decent, truthful, and doesn't mislead potential customers. Most of these agencies have a right to ban certain commercials that aren't following the rules.

Recently, Jeep made a petty attempt to dampen the Bronco's hype with an appeal to the NAD (National Advertising Division), stating that Ford is misleading potential customers by using terms like "Best in Class" or "Class-Leading."

Their complaint stated that, since we don't know the new Bronco's exact specifications and nobody has tested it yet, it's inaccurate to claim that the model is the "best" and a "class-leading vehicle".

However, the NAD has decided that Ford's claims are founded and that the company can continue using those terms in advertising for the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport.

Ford at Moab 4x4 Safari

Every spring, the world-famous Moab Safari event is held in Utah. For years, it's been known as Jeep's playground, but this year, Ford has announced its attendance with several Bronco and truck models.

Apart from the Raptor and Ranger, visitors will have a chance to see -- and maybe even ride shotgun in -- several 2021 Broncos and Bronco Sports. A special treat will be the inclusion of Broncos with the Sasquatch package and its included 35-inch tires, which look pretty high compared to stock Ranger.

Ford Bronco Reservations Conversion Rate is Very High

Ford was very proud that it had received more than 230,000 reservations for the Bronco and Bronco Sport when those vehicles were announced. However, reservations are one thing, and actual orders are entirely another.

Some industry experts feared that the conversion ratio of reservations to orders would not be high, since the Bronco's rollout has been plagued by delays and production problems. Usually, the conversion rate is one-third to one-half of  reservations, at best.


But the Bronco is in huge demand, and its conversion ratio shows it. Ford just announced that over 66% of Bronco reservations have been converted to orders, which means that Ford is looking at more than 130,000 Broncos to deliver for the 2021 model year alone.

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